Go Green Quad Cities
by Chris Kaufmann
Go Green Quad Cities

New East Davenport Home For Sale

You will not want to miss out on this fabulous new Davenport ranch home. Shop and compare, you will not be disappointed.

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Increase Your Home Buying Power

Since I've been selling real estate in the Quad Cities interest rates have always been good, historically speaking of coarse. In 2003 rates were somewhere in the neighborhood of 6-7%. A few short years later the rates dipped down into the 5's and even 4's. For over a decade now purchasers have had access to phenomenal interest rates and I think buyers today are starting to take these rates for granted. After all, it wont be long ... << MORE >>

Financing Programs for Military Service Members in Iowa

The following article was written by guest bloger Matt Polsky of VAMortgageCenter.com.


Making environmentally-friendly improvements to your home doesn’t have drain your savings, especially if you’re a military homeowner or a prospective one. The VA Home Loan Guaranty program enables service members and veterans to finance the home of their dreams

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10 Simple Ways To Save Energy Without Breaking The Bank

In a world that had become rather technological in all the ways to save energy I thought I wougreen real estate davenport iald point out some simple tips that are easy to do, dont cost an arm and a leg and pretty much anyone can do them.

1. Replace your incandescent bulbs ...

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Part 2 of the Top Green Building Trends for the Upcoming Year

I'm sure you see plenty of them in print material and/or hear them on the news so, in an effort to not disappoint anyone, here are some more predictions for 2011.

In an earlier post titled Top 10 Green Building Trends For The Upcoming Year (I would link back to it but somehow the entire post got deleted once I started this one), Jerry Yudelson outlined 10 trends that he thought would be the next fad in green building. I recently came ... << MORE >>

Your New Master Bath Cost What!?

I have got into the habit of reading Remodeling magazine's annual "Cost vs. Value Report" in my REALTOR magazine. And every year I shake my head at it and wonder where in the heck they get their information from. Well, actually they do tell me exactly where they get their info. but, its just not accurate, at least, not in my opinion (click here to get the specific criteria). ... << MORE >>

Quad City Real Estate Market Snapshot 2010

In an effort to keep my subscribers up to date I am passing along information pertaining to the 2010 real estate market in the Iowa Quad Cities. Even as a REALTOR in the Quad Cities who is in this business everyday, its interesting to look back at the statistics. When I preform a Price Analysis for my prospective sellers I take a long look and analyze the current market stats. I guess you could say that I'm kind of a stat. guy when it comes to real estate.

Below you will see several tables that summarize different aspects ...

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2011 Business Plan...Already?

As December came and went (in like a lamb and out like a lion) I find myself asking, What Happened!? As most other REALTORS know, the beginning of December marks that break-off point of getting one last deal in before the end of the year.Before we know it that month has surpassed us and for many, that one last deal never happened. In fact, personally, that 'one last deal' mentality came much sooner than December. It was more like late September early November when I was hoping to at least get one or t

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Energy Efficient Tax Incentives May Get Extended

One of the perks of my EcoBroker® designation is they keep me up to date on the latest issues that pertain eco real estateto energy efficiency and sustainability. The latest news comes from www.energytaxincentives.org in which they discuss the likely hood of extending the home energy tax incentives. These include rebates on new homes, home ...

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Find Your Next Quad City Dream Home

How do you search for homes for sale in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas? The most common answer to that question would most likely be the internet. Statistics show that over 85% of buyers start their search online.

Well, how many web sites do you think there are in a particular geographical market that allow potential buyers to search for properties? Dozens? hundreds? There are thousands if you include each agents individual site. And how many of those sites are geared specifically to searching for properties and do not try to get you to use their service, ... << MORE >>